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Talented Ukrainian bachelors will help solve the success of your startup cases during the remote practical training of students and able become part of your IT Development Team


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IT Sprout

Integration with European centers of dual education and stakeholders of industrial student practice in the scope of IT.
Odesa, Ukraine

Direction of training of participants:

We train graduates mainly team work, giving them the skills of technical types/species, fill in the deficiency of communication of worker/boss, worker/worker connection, and transform their academical knowledge into flexible system of practices to get their jobs done. Everything the student does in their first business is moderated and supervised by our skilled managers.


I’m a graduate of a Ukrainian IT college, how can I find a job? Why an IT business can not find specialists in Ukraine? My IT workers get stressed because they can not work in a team? Many job offers in the IT field, and few CVs? Find answers and the best solutions to problems and inquiries at IT-sprout

Additional information:

How does it work? The current statistics in Ukraine says that there is a strong deficiency of experts in the IT field, which relates to about 1 expert to 80 job offers. At the same time, there are many graduates awaiting their first jobs, but the IT companies are not ready to hire them due to the lack of work experience. What do we do? We interview and check on work skills of each graduate and offer an IT project their best expert. We also take care of training graduates to give them their experience in teamwork and technical practice within their academic knowledge. What’s in it for the IT project? The IT company gives the graduate their first job, which they do under the supervision and support of their manager/supervisor. As a result, the IT gets their project done for a reduced cost. If the company likes the candidate, we negotiate them to hire our specialist or choose other


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